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A Sega fan fascinated by Saturn's hardware. Sega Xtreme page.


Emerald Nova: What names are you known by in the Sega Xtreme and Sega Homebrew community?

fafling: fafling.

Emerald Nova: When did you come into the Sega Xtreme and Sega Homebrew community?

fafling: In 2019. After having read Sega Saturn's technical documentation, I started to create bug reports for Kronos and Yaba Sanshiro emulators with detailed analysis. Then I was invited by Benjamin Siskoo to become a regular tester for Kronos.

Emerald Nova: How did you find the community?

fafling: I was invited to the SegaXtreme Discord by Benjamin Siskoo. A few months later I started posting in the forum when vbt pointed to an interesting question there.

Emerald Nova: What projects you have contributed to in some form? Who did you work with on these projects?

fafling: I have been mostly testing for Kronos emulator for 2 years, working with FCare, Kronos main programmer, Benjamin Siskoo, and barbudreadmon. I've also done a few tests for Yaba Sanshiro, programmed by devmiyax, which is the emulator Kronos forked from. And I gave some advices on the use of Saturn hardware to several homebrew programmers on Discord, like XL2, Ponut64, vbt, ndiddy...

Emerald Nova: Is there anyone you think is in danger of being forgotten or lost to time that made contributions to the community?

fafling: The main programmers of Yabause emulator (see this link.) If we go further back in time, there's Runik, the author of Saturnin emulator, and Fabien Autrel, author of Satourne emulator.

Emerald Nova: Is there anything else you could think of that should make it into the Saturn Homebrew history pages?

fafling: The people that have contributed to the creation of the Pseudo Saturn cartridge: as far as I know, Abrasive, CyberwarriorX, cafe-alpha. That cartridge combined with the progress of Saturn emulation have helped greatly in the growth of Saturn homebrew.

Emerald Nova: Do you have any previous history in game development or the game industry?

fafling: None at all. I'm working in IT but not for the game industry.

Emerald Nova: Thank you for your time!