Emerald Nova Games


A programmer who has no idea what hes doing, but the code works somehow. Sega Xtreme page.


  1. Cloth Simulation
  2. Converter
  3. Sky Blaster
  4. Tank Game


Emerald Nova: What names are you known by in the Sega Xtreme and Sega Homebrew community?

ReyeMe: Reye or ReyeMe. SuperReye.

Emerald Nova: When did you come into the Sega Xtreme and Sega Homebrew community?

ReyeMe: At the beginning of 2020.

Emerald Nova: How did you find the community?

ReyeMe: From XL2's and Ponut64's homebrew showcases on YT.

Emerald Nova: What projects you have contributed to in some form? Who did you work with on these projects?

ReyeMe: As of now I only made Tank Game and helped Vbt here and there with Wolf3D and the 3D model in Test demo.

Emerald Nova: Is there anyone you think is in danger of being forgotten or lost to time that made contributions to the community?

ReyeMe: Probably Rockin-B.

Emerald Nova: Is there anything else you could think of that should make it into the Saturn Homebrew history pages?

ReyeMe: Probably all the devs and traslators.

Emerald Nova: Do you have any previous history in game development or the game industry?

ReyeMe: I did made Asteroids clone once and the usual unreleased primitive small games here and there.

Emerald Nova: Thank you for your time!