Emerald Nova Games


Saturn enthusiastic, unreleased game donator, and 32-bit era nostalgic.


Emerald Nova: What names are you known by in the Sega Xtreme and Sega Homebrew community?

Cev3ro: Cerv3ro aka Fandu.

Emerald Nova: When did you come into the Sega Xtreme and Sega Homebrew community?

Cev3ro: For Sega Xtreme, I´ve lurked around for years, Basically around 2008 or so, but I registerd in 2019.

Emerald Nova: How did you find the community?

Cev3ro: VBT was the man. He used to post updates of this projects in the main spanish Saturn site. If I recall correctly, it was due to one of the last Rockin'-B contests when I found that dedicated dev community (Sega Xtreme.)

Emerald Nova: What projects you have contributed to in some form? Who did you work with on these projects?

Cev3ro: I´m not a dev, nor do I have knowledge about it. So, the only useful thing I´ve done related to projects is helping as a tester, reporting bugs and compatibility issues. Dantares and his awesome spanish patch translation for Shining Force III and later on with a few amazing homebrew projects.

Emerald Nova: Is there anyone you think is in danger of being forgotten or lost to time that made contributions to the community?

Cev3ro: The Rockin-B (the Grandfather of the Sega Saturn homebrew): his project 'Police Officer Smith' has been lost forever. He shared a demo online of this project, it was going to be the first commercial homebrew game on Sega Saturn. That demo is no longer available on the net. FacundoARG: After Rockin'B contests, when nobody was coding for Sega Saturn (except vbt) he was creating a game called Sonic Jump. Sadly lack of time and tricky tools ended this project. Mr.Saturn: Ok, not homebrew, right. But this gentleman has spent years and money unearthing cancelled games from being lost, contacting even with old Sega Saturn devs for info. Basically the best preservasionist and archaeologist on the community withount any doubt. Mandanga (aka Raizing): One of the bests (if not the best) romhacker and translator in the Spanish scene. He has collaborated in international projects as well, creating tools and leading teams.

Emerald Nova: Is there anything else you could think of that should make it into the Saturn Homebrew history pages?

Cev3ro: Sure! Find Rockin-B.

Emerald Nova: Do you have any previous history in game development or the game industry?

Cev3ro: No.

Emerald Nova: Thank you for your time!