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Artist, designer, and friendly guy.


  1. Hellslave


Emerald Nova: What names are you known by in the Sega Xtreme and Sega Homebrew community?

Anton: Anton and Claroscuro.

Emerald Nova: When did you come into the Sega Xtreme and Sega Homebrew community?

Anton: March of 2020.

Emerald Nova: How did you find the community?

Anton: While working with trackers I found Dr Abrasive's video about wanting to access the FM Synth inside the Saturn, and through exploring the hardware I found out about Z-Treme and other Homebrew projects were happening at Sega Xtreme so I joined the forums and the Discord.

Emerald Nova: What projects you have contributed to in some form? Who did you work with on these projects?

Anton: Hellslave, I have contributed sounds, textures and 3D models to XL2 who is making it.

Emerald Nova: Is there anyone you think is in danger of being forgotten or lost to time that made contributions to the community?

Anton: I am so new to the community that I wouldn't know.

Emerald Nova: Is there anything else you could think of that should make it into the Saturn Homebrew history pages?

Anton: No comment.

Emerald Nova: Do you have any previous history in game development or the game industry?

Anton: I have worked with the id software lineage of first person games almost my entire life, I am still active in the Half-Life modding community. I do everything except code currently, but my main interest has always been game and level design.

Emerald Nova: Thank you for your time!