Emerald Nova Games


An alternative library for Saturn homebrew without proprietary Sega libraries. Link to project github.


AJBats provided general help and discussion.

CyberWarriorX helped explain how the hardware worked initially, back in the early 2000s.

Guillaume Duhamel helped with the first ever low-level test: writing a color to the back screen.

hitomi2500 has contributed IP.BIN, the header found in the first 16-sectors of the disc image required to run a CD or cartridge on hardware.

Joe Fenton worked on C++ and helping starting support for keyboards.

misscelan provided general help and discussion.

Misty De Meo provided MacOS tool-chain script help.

mrkotfw developed the codebase.

Romulo Fernandes provided massive help with improving Yaul; from quality of life, to expanding VDP1, to contributing a CD-block implementation.

Shazz contributed greatly in being one of the first users of Yaul, and writing many demos. These demos are extremely out dated, some have been ported here.