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Welcome to the Emerald Nova Games webpage. Maybe you've seen me stream game development on Twitch or Youtube. Or maybe you've played with one of my games or demos. Here I post any of my playable games, some code snippets, and links to various resources. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to stay updated on when I live stream game developement.

SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

It's everyone's favorite time of the year! Once again, to celebrate the birthday of the SEGA Saturn, I am holding an extended game competition.

The competition will start on September 1st, 2020. Anyone can enter their SEGA Saturn game into the competition. Games can be enetered into either the Original Game category or Hacks, Patches, and Translations category. Even if this is a longer term project, if you have made significant progress on it in 2020, it can be entered.

You can enter as many games as you want, (as long as they are substantially different.) Final disc images (bin/cue) should be uploaded and/or linked to the contest thread by 12 PM UTC (7 AM EST) January 1st, 2021.

Judges from the online SEGA Saturn community will score games in each category by ranking based on personal preference by January 15th, 2021. Ranks will be added as scores, with the lowest scores being higher ranked. Ties will share their rankings (and potential prizes.) Final rankings will be announced on a live stream on January 16th, 2021. An example of how games are scored is below.

Judge A Rankings Judge B Rankings Judge C Rankings
1 Game 1 Game 1 Game 2
2 Game 2 Game 2 Game 4
3 Game 4 Game 3 Game 3
4 Game 3 Game 4 Game 1

The rankings are tabulated into scores.

Game Score
Game 1 1+1+4=6
Game 2 2+2+1=5
Game 3 4+3+3=10
Game 4 3+4+2=9

And the scores determine final ranking.

Rank Game
1 Game 2
2 Game 1
3 Game 4
4 Game 3

The top three entries in the Original Game category will receive $25, $15, and $10. The top entry in the Hacks, Patches, and Translations category will receive $20. The top three entries from both categories will receive a 3D printed item from the list below.

  • SEGA CD/Saturn Game Case Snap Hinge Replacement
  • SEGA Saturn Battery Door Replacement
  • SEGA Saturn Controller Stand
  • SEGA Saturn Display Logo
  • ODE Tray Insert
  • Meet the Judges!

    Cerv3ro, also known as Fandu in some retro forums. Proud owner of Sega Saturn since 1996 and enthusiast of the 32-bit era. I decided to actively jump on the Sega Saturn scene over a decade ago. By that time when the Saturn scene was really small and all the important things used to happen for other retro systems, especially homebrew projects. I had fun talking and creating content like guides and reviews on some dedicated Saturn sites and overall, I'm proud to have contributed to helping fund some cancelled games for release to the public. Unfortunately the gods have not blessed me with programming skills. As a Saturn user, I especially remember with passion the years between 2008 and 2011, when a lot of wonderful things happened on the Saturn scene: translations, prototype releases and the latest Rockin'-B development contest (2007). Wonderful years with so many great and talented people that I met. Pleased to be a member of the SX community and happy to see how amazing projects are happening recently over the last four years with amazing people, newcomers and veteran members who together make this dream come true. Excited to see the new contest entries and fascinated by all those brave hearts members capable of lead with the architecture of the Sega Saturn.

    Hi, I'm David Gámiz Jiménez. Happy dad. I am from Loja, a town in Granada, Andalusia, a large region in southern Spain. I am an Industrial Design Engineer. But mainly I define myself as a 3D artist, although I do not close anything on an artistic level, I really like everything. My relationship with the Sega Saturn really comes from my relationship with SEGA. About 12 years ago, my first SEGA Saturn fell into my hands, as well as the first one that came to my town from the first European batch of 1995. It was broken, I fixed it as best I could and this relationship did not stop growing. After playing and passing Panzer Dragon Saga and its previous installments. I was so crazy to see the quality that the machine really had. One day I decided to make an entry about PDS and its technical graphic milestones. And that resulted in an investigation of almost 3 years that ended a few months ago with 5 parts on my blog. Where I have been able to learn together with the generous community everything that made me curious and more. My relationship with the homebrew community started with the research for the posts itself. Finally seeing that few people, at that time, contributed to this great machine. Little by little I was participating and trying to contribute what I could. Currently I want, and am working on it, to make graphic content for the community. My great passion for 3D graphics and SEGA.

    Jenovi. Host of Retro Impressions, a video game documentary, and analysis show with a heavy focus on the Second - Fifth Generation eras. Video game preservation and aftermarket(homebrew) advocate. Co-Host of the r/RetroGaming podcast.

    Johannes Fetz is a Project Manager & Senior Developer at Eureka Technology (Volaris group.) He also teaches C, Windows, and Unix at Etna (Paris.) He is the creator of JoEngine for the Sega Saturn.

    PandaMonium is reviewing every North American Sega Saturn game by order of release date in an effort to document its strange history in the west. The project involves developer interviews and thorough research. He is a proud member of the Sega Saturn Shiro podcast. PandaMonium is also known for compiling accurate commercial release dates of almost every North American Saturn game using a wide array of sources. Some of his favorite Saturn games are Darius Gaiden, Asuka 120%, Powerslave and the Panzer Dragoon series.

    Saturn Dave is a hardcore Saturn fan and collector since 1996. SaturnDave is co-founder & co-host of the SEGA SATURN, SHIRO! Podcast. He also runs his own hobby project page, creating hypothetical US Long Box manuals and discs for Saturn games never released in the west, and a NetLink Match-Up page for folks wanting to take their Saturn's online over VoIP. You can find him on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

    Sega Lord X. Long time Sega fan and collector, current YouTuber, Sega Lord X makes videos about his favorite games and systems, most of which fall under the Sega banner. Has been in the Saturn community since day 1.

    The Southern Sega Gentleman, or SSG. I've been a lifelong gamer, whose early gaming centered around Sega until their departure from the console market. But since then I've primarily focused on PC and PlayStation series based gaming. I currently run a smaller YT channel with 5k subscribers. My focus is on Deep Dives into retro Gaming topics, Retrospectives, and my personal history involving gaming.

    Patrick, AKA TraynoCo is a co-founder of Sega Saturn Shiro. Patrick has a passion for Saturn projects such as homebrew and fan translations. Putting a spotlight on them in both podcast and video forms, trying to bring more attention to the ever growing Saturn homebrew scene. You can also find him on Twitter.